Sunday, May 12, 2013

Launch Campaign - Day 9, Launch of REXUS 13 ... NOT!

At the eight day the countdown was scheduled to start at 9 am, which it did. The weather seemed to be fine and the sky shifted in blue, but due to heavy winds the countdown was held at T-15m to await better weather. However the winds kept blowing and the resume of the countdown was postponed gradually.

Nice weather for a rocket launch you might think
At approximately 2 pm (playing cards) we heard the insane warning horns and assumed that the countdown was about to resume. We went quickly to the car and drove to the radar hill. At the radar hill we unfortunately realized that the horns did not have anything with the resume of the countdown to do and shortly after that we were also told that the countdown had been cancelled  for the day. The new time for the countdown was set to 3.45 am the next day.

Regarding the warning horns, they almost deserve a blog post for themselves. It’s the craziest sound I’ve ever heard and made me leave the ground more than once. You can think of it as a  very boosted horn of gondor.

Boosted horn of Gondor

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