Sunday, May 12, 2013

Launch Campaign - Day 4-6, Final Testing and Payload Assembly

As planned the bench test was performed during the fourth day of the launch campaign with all experiments performing well. Due to the successful test the flight simulation could be scheduled to the day after.

After a good night’s sleep  Team SOLAR was ready for an early flight simulation, but very unexpectedly the test could not be performed as early as expected and this day offered some card games as well. Fortunately the simulation could be performed with good results a few hours later.

The difference between the bench test and the flight simulation is that the real ground station in Esrange’s main building was used during the flight simulation to simulate the real flight as good as possible.

SOLAR Ground Station                          
After the final tests the last modules could be assembled creating the payload of REXUS 13.


The payloads of REXUS 14 and 13       
During the Sunday the staff took a day off and we could relax before the upcoming flights during the next week.

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