Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Evening!

Tomorrow we have our deadline for the SED v1-2. So I think it is time to show you our current design and layout. As you might have noticed it changes quite often ;).

In comparison with the previous layout you can see that the battry pack stands for it self and the size of the electronics box has been reduced. For this layout we also use another bulkhead to ease the mounting and reduce the mass.
The layout seen from above.

The electronics box is as mentioned, reduced by size. Inside the box we will have two PCB's for the electronics. These  will be separated using twelwe spacers. The spacers will also be used for the attachment of the PCB's.

The outer structure of the chambers have not been changed since the last pictures, but the  inner structure is more detailed. We have added a small PCB where the temperature and pressure sensor will be placed. 

Power will be conducted to the brown copper plate using cables attached to the four screws at the corners. The  power will be led to the resistance wires which will be attached to the copper plates. The resistance wire will then heat and melt the solder wire wrapped around the resistance wire. 
To prevent a short circuit, a slit will be made below each copper plate .

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A possible soldering method

A few days ago Björn, Adrian and Anders tested a soldering method which may be used for the experiment. The results were good and Anders sounded satisfied :).

The idea is to wrap the soldering wire around the resistance wire. The soldering procedure can be seen in the middle at the front of the PCB.

Friday, April 13, 2012

SOLAR Project Course

All solar team members have now started a project course at our university were we will get academic credit for our work with SOLAR. We will split the work in two courses, one from now on until summer and one after summer until mid october which will result in a total of 15 ECTS.
Today we had our PDR with the new design for our examiners. They had some nice advices and were overall satisfied with the presentation and the project content. Now we just hope that, ESA, SSC, DLR and SNSB likes it aswell.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Team Member and Soldering Course

First of all we would like to welcome our new team member Jens Kanje Nordberg. Jens will join the electronics group and help them with their work.

This Wednesday and Thursday all team members in Kiruna attended to a soldering course in accordance to ESA/NASA standard. The course were very interesting and instructive. All information about soldering helped us alot and it will be of extra importance for the electronics group later on when all circuits will be made.

Johanna, Adrian, Sara, Hamoon, Anneli and Anders learns how to solder.

Anders tries

and so does Sara.

Adrian is inspecting the quality of the solder

and I'm inspecting the quality of Adrian :)

New Design

Hello guys!

Yesterday we had our internal deadline for our SED v1-2. The upcoming days it will be proofread and corrected by us and next week we will hand it out to different persons for a more detailed review.

The experiment in whole now look like this,

where the closest chamber is the pressurized one and the other the vacuum chamber. The red package above the electronics box is the battery package we will use.

The soldering process will look roughly like this,

where the orange/brown plates are copperplates used to conduct current through the three resistance wires that will melt the solderjoints.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Now we have written our exam done and we have set an internal deadline for next Wednesday. So stay tuned at the blog for further information and working status, because there are alot of work that have to be done.

Best regards.