Sunday, May 12, 2013

Launch Campaign - Day 7-8, Launch of REXUS 14

On the seventh day of the launch campaign the launch of our sister rocket REXUS 14 was scheduled. Due to winds the launch was preliminary postponed to around 2 pm. unfortunately the winds did not calm and the countdown was cancelled and a new time was set; 3:45 am in the morning (night?) next day.

Team SOLAR arrived to the radar hill with a bit too few hours of sleep at approximately 5.30 am with 15 minutes left of the countdown. The winds were still okay, but a hold for 15 min was done to await the launch window at 6 am. After the hold and the remaining 15 min of countdown we could see the rocket fly through the sky and disappear into the clouds. It was really cool and made all of us even more excited about our own upcoming launch.

A video made by one of the teams; the Space Sailors, can be found here:

It shows the deployment of their space sail and additionally some really nice pictures of the Earth seen from above! Watch it, I bet that even a blind person would find it awesome!

Due to the very early launch, we were hopeful that they might plan to launch our rocket as well later during the day, but we were later on told that the launch was scheduled to 11 am the next day, meaning a start of the countdown at 9 am.

After the launch we went to a very special cemetry nearby the launching area:

Rocket left overs
During the recovery of REXUS 14, our rocker REXUS 13 was rolled out and placed at the launcher.

Credit: StrathSat-R
REXUS 13, carrying our experiment is being rolled out and installed on the... 
                          ....launcher!                             .
Over and Out!


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