Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 2-4, the masters of card games

And here we thought launch campaign was a lot of work!

Day 2 of the launch campaign was quite slow. We started the day with doing a simple assembly of the experiment to hook it up to the service module where we did a com-test. In practice this means we check that the communication from our experiment through the service module to the ground station works.
The test ran smoothly so we did final assembly where we assembled the experiment with lock tight and predetermined torque. We then made sure everything was connected as per our procedures. Another com-test confirmed that all connections were still good.
This was all done in the morning which meant we had to wait for the bench test the next day. The rest of the day then mostly involved playing cards.
Final assembly

Day 3 was the day for the bench test. The test was set at 13:00 so we set up our ground station and then waited with some card playing. The time for the bench test then changed to 14:00 then 9:00 the next day, One of the other experiments were having trouble so they would have the night to resolve it. So there was no use putting the cards away.
The team playing cards

Day 4, morning meeting, today is the bench test which is set at 10:00, then after lunch, then 14:00. But as I'm  writing this the bench test is actually being set up. So hopefully the test will start soon and we can start setting up for flight simulation which well be done tomorrow.
The experiments being lined up for bench test. Notice how one experiment is still missing.

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