Monday, August 20, 2012

Better late than never!

I promised our chief blogger a while ago that I would post some updates on the blog on behalf of the electronics group, which I confessedly haven't done ... Sorry about that!

At the moment we are not as lucky as the SoftWare group to be spending our time together in sunny Kiruna, but are infact scattered across Sweden, doing different things in addition to working with the project. Me myself pulling 12 hour shifts in a factory in the south of Sweden, while Jens and Emil are greeting new students up north in Lule√•. In roughly a week though we will all join the others on site in Kiruna.

Our work with the project however, is progressing well and have been doing so during the summer aswell. In summary, we have been updating the SED in accordance with the CDR feedback and improving upon the electrical design. We have also continued the process of choosing some still not confimed components and ordered them.

As of now, we are in the process of fixing the last details of the design and preparing the constructing phase.

The wiring diagram is taking shape

Pressure sensor


Resistance wire
Testing session of the resistance wires from quite a while ago
Thats all from electronics, for now. I will soon be posting more pictures and videos of testing sessions. So stay tuned!

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