Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So yesterday we had our EAR (Experiment Acceptance Review) and we welcomed Mikael Inga and Alex Kinnaird back to Kiruna! We started off by presenting the updated and improved parts since the IPR and also our last steps before we can send the experiment to Germany for testing. After that we had a demonstration of the actual experiment where we melted six samples and explained the course of events during the flight. We were very happy with both the presentation and demonstration and we hope Mikael and Alex felt the same way :)

Whats left to do for the team right now is to improve every last detail and solve the last minor issues. We will also focus on writing detailed checklists for launch campaign so that we are fully prepared!

We would also like to congratulate the teams on REXUS-11 for the successful launch campaign that took place last week! We are kinda jealous but we hope to join the club in May next year! :D 

ps. check out our team t-shirts!

 The rocket module was tried out and voila, fits like a glove!
 Discussion and time for questions

 Maja and Johanna are admiring the experiment

 The experiment mounted on the bulk head with the candy-looking
power resistors in the electronics box.


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