Sunday, October 14, 2012

Use copper plates, we said.. It´ll be easy, we said...

The copper plates are driving med mad!! (Mad , I tell you MAD!!)  A fairly easy part of the experiment we all assumed but manufacture these all by our selves have been a highly time consuming process. And we just COULD NOT get it right! (stop laughing! :P)  We do however believe that a working procedure have FINALLY been determined and hopefully we´ll be able to produce several approved copper plates to be used in the upcoming test phase! (Hurrah!!)

Let me guide you all through the evolution of the seemingly harmless copper plate (from hell!) :P

Copper plate v1.0 - 1.3: we went from "punched holes" (= the wavy plate) to drilled holes. To drill in a straight line was apparently much harder than predicted but we did manage to drill straight at the end, unfortunately with the holes not located were they were supposed to be!
Failure 1,2 and 3... 
And what happens when the holes are NOT EXACTLY where they are supposed to be? well, the SCREWS don´t fit as planed!
what NOT to look like... 

We figured; hmm maybe I (Maja) was not the best person to drill in these plates so Robert tried...
Robert vs. plate: 0-1
... and Johanna tried...
Johanna vs. plate: 0-2
...AND Johan tried: Johan vs. plate: 0-3
Failure 10, 23 and 101...
UNTIL we finally had a template that wouldn´t betray us! Secured with monkey wrenches, the copper plates are hereby looking according to plan and the experiment tests can proceed without delay! (Hallelujah!)
The Template

Behold! the screws are not in contact with each other and all copper plates now look the same
Thank You all for listening! You´ve been great!

Don´t forget to stay tune for the test phase and remember to tell your friends to like us on facebook! ;) 

Hej då!

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