Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work and Pizza!

Tonight, we all are staying up late to prepare the last detailes before the IPR tomorrow. Some of us are stuck in front of the computer with electronic schematics, others are drilling, cutting, glueing and etching. Some members are soldering, testing components or programming microcontrollers.

It´s practically Santa´s workshop over here! (It is actually snowing!)There is so much going on that we decided to order some pizza and stay at the school til late.

The results from the latest test-session involving electronics gave us some more support about the soldering time-scale and how the process actually will work in detail. Of course there will be even more tests further on so that we can assure that the soldering process meets the requirements! There will actually be a new test session in a little bit to test the interface between the electronics and the software.

Mean while, check out the activity here in Kiruna---->

 Hamoon and Robert is programming

 Vincent is soldering one of the sensor PCB-cards
Johan is drilling
 Hamoon is intrested in all the components!
Adrian is fixing some new PCBs
Maja, Sara and Fredrik is all about workworkwork!

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