Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Preliminary Design

Because the deadline for our first version of the SED (Student Experiment Documentation) is tomorrow. We feel like it is time to show you our new design that we have been working hard with since the selection week at ESTEC. This design allows us to simulate a "real" soldering process much better. Another important advantage is that the cooling process becomes easier. The idea is to use two springs. One to push the PCB-card and the solder joints in contact to the solder tips. When the joint have melted the second spring will pull the solder tips out of contact with the joints. To make this work we vill use nylon thread to fix the springs and niccrome wire to cut the thread and release the springs.
The three pictures below show these three stages in the soldering process (without the aluminum housing)

The picture below shows an overview of our experiment module with an illustrative glass housing

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